How to choose an outsourcing company

Ideally, the service firm should be selected even at the stage of initial design and creation of the IT-infrastructure of the company. Order a complete turnkey business infrastructure with subsequent placement on a subscription service. It is with this comprehensive approach that you can get the maximum benefit from IT outsourcing. Outsourcers with this approach begin to treat the serviced company as their brainchild or branch. Naturally, the level of service will be much higher than with one-time calls for repairs and preventive maintenance.

With a permanent subscriber service it outsourcing company becomes interested in minimizing the number of accidents. After all, the more often something breaks in the client company – the more working hours the masters spend on departures for repairs. The more often they have to change components. And all this will reduce the profit of the outsourcing company. A service firm is interested in being paid not for the number of repairs, but for the smooth operation of the supervised equipment and software.

On the other hand, a one-time, walk-in handyman is interested in having something constantly break down for the client. Then there will be orders, and you can charge for each repair.

Common types of IT-outsourcing

  • Subscriber service of computers and office equipment.
  • Designing of an information business infrastructure.
  • Installation of local networks.
  • Creation and service of databases.
  • Creation and promotion of company web sites.
  • Provision of hosting services.
  • Training and advanced training, consulting of staff of the client company.

Innovative solution in IT-outsourcing – cloud technologies and services. Cloud services can be understood as a wide range of possibilities for customers in a remote format. The development of computer technology today has even led to cloud-based computer maintenance. Service center specialists appear at the serviced site only when replacement of failed parts is needed. And all this can be done without visiting the office, production shops, with the help of monitoring software specially installed on computers.

If you want to get a high level of service, you should first be more careful in choosing an outsourcer company. There are many excellent offers at the moment, so you should look for the most reliable option. This way you can get the best result.