How to succeed in online casinos

Playing online casinos attracts millions of people around the world. These vibrant gambling games can become extremely popular with a large number of fans. In this regard, it becomes extremely important to understand how exactly you can find the right path of development and gradually reach a good income level. In this article we will […]

Review: The Seeing Stone by Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black

Summary: When Simon is captured by goblins, Jared and Mallory must find a way to get him back. Thimbletack knows what to do but he’ll only rhyme and give clues. Angry, Jared attacks Thimbletack and gets the seeing stone. Suddenly all things fey come to light!

Date with black-skinned – no difference except skin color

In fact, skin color does not matter when it comes to dating. If you meet black people, you will very soon realize that a date will not be any different from any other, so let’s better talk about how best to spend your first date. At the same time, we will not focus on who […]

Review: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Summary: In a near-future society, the human race is in a war against the buggers, a hostile alien race, who nearly won twice in two wide scale confrontations against humankind. Fearing a third invasion, a system was put in place to discover and train child prodigies in the art of war.

5 Reasons to Read Books before Seeing the Movie

Before we start I think I should let readers know that I’ve done both: seen the movie before reading the book and reading the book before watching the movie.  Below are some of the reasons why I am now a firm believer in doing the latter.

Review: Exile by Anne Ousterlund

Summary: Aurelia has exiled herself from the court in the last book, bearing her name, when she refused to marry the creepy king of a neighboring kingdom. She plans to tour the country of Tyralt (her soon-to-be kingdom) and visit the whole of it to get a feel for the people from every part.

Review: Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Summary: Beatrice Shakespeare Smith lives inside a magic theater where all the players from all the plays ever written and performed come to life. Some are her friends, some are not, and some are indifferent.

Ingenious Way to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I stumbled on an ingenious way to motivate my two reluctant readers. The one doesn’t like reading and will only do it if the book captures her quickly and only if the book is set down right in front of her face. The other likes to read, but has recently been sucked into text messaging, […]

Review: The Iron King (Iron Fey, Book 1) by Julie Kagawa

Summary: Meghan Chase is just your ordinary unpopular girl trying to navigate the hierarchy of high school, get her driver’s permit, and possibly a date with the hottest boy. Her best friend, Robin Goodfellow, calls her princess, an endearment she despises.