Types of Love Magic

Often love magic is mainly interpreted exclusively by the word “love spell”. But the types of love magic are more widespread. And the concept is much broader. For starters, you can divide it into two parts – the magic of attention and the love magic of attraction.

Love magic attention

Love magic of attention is used in cases where a person does not have a clear type of love magic object of desire, that is, the magical effect is not specifically directed at anyone. Such love magic gives a person increased attention from the opposite sex. It is necessary for people who are very shy, psychologically unsure of themselves, unable to get to know each other, take the first step, as well as those who already had a sad relationship experience and are afraid to get burned again. In such cases, rites of sexual attraction are performed. Rites of success for the opposite sex, a “beacon of attractiveness”, a ceremony to find the ideal partner, rites for female beauty, and many others.

Love magic of attraction

The love magic of attraction implies the presence of a specific person who needs to be “attracted”. The magic of attraction is divided into three parts, depending on the strength and degree of impact. Light attraction, additive and love spell.

Light attraction

Light attraction is used when a relationship exists between a man and a woman, a sexual relationship, or they still exist at the moment, but for some reason you quarreled, broke up, or simply the relationship does not work out as you would like. Also, if the feelings are mutual, but a misunderstanding has appeared between you or the passion has faded over time. But in these cases, a love spell is not needed, but attraction rites will be enough. They are also distinguished by the fact that they do no harm to the person, but gently. But emphatically remind him of former or future marital happiness, good good relations and vivid feelings.

Love spell

Love spells, in turn, are also different: white love spell, black love spell, gray love spell. The methods of white and black love spell are very different.

White love spell

The goal of the white love spell is to return the old feelings, the union of loving hearts that for some reason are not together. In a white love spell, you don’t need to put pressure on the object, do something against his will and will. You just need to reconnect loving people and remove all the obstacles to this. No suppression of personality, zombies and violence. His complete freedom of will and freedom of choice are preserved. “Do no harm” is the basic principle of a white love spell. If you want to use serious love magic, it is better to use the services of a professional magician Valeria Karat.

Black love spell

In black magic, by contrast, harsh measures are applied. There is a very powerful effect on the object, its will is suppressed. In this case, there can be no question of any freedom of choice.

More about black love spell

Truly black love magic works much stronger than conventional methods and almost certainly. The desired result is achieved quite quickly. The action of the black love spell is very powerful and effective, an incredibly long lasting result. But, a man who has received a love spell quickly loses strength, becomes impotent, constantly gets into accidents. Naturally in bed impotent can not do anything. Instead, hatred and aggressiveness appear, and above all towards the woman. He subconsciously feels that it is her fault for his problems. And believe me – at the first opportunity, such a man will take revenge on you: he will give the money to the person who will never return, reveal your personal secret, and beat him half to death.