How to pack furniture when moving

The main rule that must be adhered to when transporting furniture is safety. That is why important steps must be fully completed. One of these stages is the preparation of furniture for further transportation. If you are in doubt that you can handle this on your own, or simply don’t want to waste your time, you can use the services of Southern California movers.

Furniture and furnishings are considered cargo, which should be prepared in advance and delicately. First of all, you need to disassemble the cabinet furniture and pick up her packing container. Packaging material must be reliable to protect from damage, scratches and chips. There are main packaging (cardboard, boxes) and auxiliary (polyethylene, bubble wrap, etc.). PE foam is suitable for polished parts, and air bubble film is ideal for mirrors and glass. Stretch film is used to protect the surface from dust.

When furniture is loaded into a vehicle, fixtures are used, as well as combining the same type of cargo into one group. This allows us to achieve ergonomic and economical. If freight is carried out without packaging, then use specially equipped machines, equipped with soft lining and rollers. Less problems causes cabinet furniture, because it can be disassembled and then it will take less space in the car. It should be noted that the dismantling of furniture is not easy, because it requires caution and care. At the disassembly stage, it is necessary to put all the components in a separate box, as well as to mark already disassembled parts. This will help to quickly assemble furniture in a new place. If we are talking about kitchen furniture, which has built-in appliances, then before disassembling all communications (electricity and plumbing) are disconnected.


In order to move to a new place and transportation of furniture were quick, use the following recommendations:

  • free the furniture from things and interior items (plates, clothes, books) beforehand, otherwise, they may be damaged during the transposition;
  • degrease the surface by wiping with a damp cloth;
  • using tools, disassemble the furniture that is subject to this, it can greatly facilitate your task of transportation;
  • lock doors or cupboards that can not be removed, secure with adhesive tape, it is very important that the furniture does not open during transport and cannot be damaged by it;
  • put a corrugated cardboard between the shelves from the cabinet or wall, and then fasten them together with adhesive tape, then wrap them with a cloth or a bubble wrap;
  • it is advisable to wrap upholstered furniture and mattresses with a film in order to protect them from contamination, since the body of the transporting car may not be the cleanest;
  • small interior items can be placed in boxes, there you can also lay down the elements of the disassembled furniture in order to maximally reduce the dimensions of the transported cargo;
  • assemble the accessories in a separate package for each furniture, so as not to confuse them in a new place, it is very important if you don’t want to collect all your furniture in parts for several days and waste precious time on this long process;
  • it is advisable to transport the equipment in factory boxes, but if you don’t have them left, then the best option would be to purchase or independently make the same boxes, where you can also use additional softening materials;
  • to load dimensional furniture in a vehicle, you need the help of two loaders and sturdy rigging belts.

Remember that the process of packing furniture is a very important stage, since the quality of its performance will determine whether you can deliver all your furniture safely and securely to the destination. Another important point will be the ability to quickly unpack everything and assemble it in a new apartment.