This is Dali’s answer to Favorite book or series and why? Around June 2013

Twilight because it was the one that got me hooked on reading.
Harry Potter because it inspired me to read to my kids.
Black Dagger Brotherhood because it introduced me to adult paranormal romance.
I-Team, because it introduced me to adult romance.
Slammed because it was the first series to make my really cry.
All of Kristen Ashley’s and R.L. Mathewson’s series because I think their just that good.
Accidentally Yours because it was the first to made me laugh so hard I almost peed in my pants, never mind the stares I got while reading in public. It was also the first to launch me into paranormal with something other than vampires and finally because it was the first to inspire me to write a review.

I would have to add so many others I’ve read since and even before then, but I would like to mention a few of my recent favorite authors: Tammy Falkner (The Reed Brothers series), Catherine Gayle (Her hockey series), R.L. Lilley (Tristan and Danika series), Mia Sheridan (A sign of love series).

There are so many books out there. I can’t believe I ever lived without reading!