Review: Risking It All

A cute, sweet and sexy romance… with Naked Men?

Griffin Montgomery has “hero” tattooed in his DNA. His natural instinct is to help others and by that virtue he not only helped his high-school friends out of a dire situation now he dedicates himself to put his life on the line everyday as a search and rescue Coast Guard pilot. Until the day he pushed the limits too far and got his wings clipped. Landing him at a café where he meets the lovely yet solitary and in need of a push to her own limits, Chloe Widmore.

Chloe Widmore is the opposite of wild. She’s had one too many traumas in her life and now preferes to live vicariously through the lives and emotions of the people she writes letters for. Therefore being the focus of sexy hero of the hour is surprising, but not as surprising as her strong reaction to him. Can she risk falling for him?

The Naked men series follows the lives a five men who went through a high-school misfortune but together survived it and came out of it as brothers and now share a blog with the same moniker, The Naked Men, where they talk about everything male, in an open and honest way.

Risking it All, spotlights their leader Griffin Montgomery who’s initial impression wasn’t the greatest especially after Chloe very bravely and honestly reveals so much of herself to him. He does however make up for it in the later part of the book but not enough to win me over completely. Chloe though, is a quirky, strong and brave, attributes I admire and respect. 

“He just knew that Chloe lit him up. Made him feel like a damn firefly. Made him feel things he’d never felt before. He wanted to be with her all the time. Wanted to show her the world, share it with her. Make her happy. Even though he’d been thinking long-term, love hadn’t been on his radar. But it was now. It fit.”

I liked Griff and Chloe’s back and forth and especially liked their need to learn to face their fears, but wasn’t fully on board with their insta-love connection. This series has a very interesting premise which I hope will only get better with each installment.

Risking it all is the kick off book in the Naked Men series by author Christi Barth. This is a standalone full length novel, told from alternating point of view between the main characters. With a happy ending.