Date with black-skinned – no difference except skin color

In fact, skin color does not matter when it comes to dating. If you meet black people, you will very soon realize that a date will not be any different from any other, so let’s better talk about how best to spend your first date. At the same time, we will not focus on who you are meeting with, but the article will focus mainly on how a girl should behave.

The first date can be memorable even if you went for a walk in the park or along the city streets. To go to the cinema? Not a good idea, as you will be passionate about the film. It is unlikely that you will attract his attention when on the screen Bruce Willis is fighting for world peace. Let’s go to a cafe, restaurant or bar? Great, food brings people together. It is proved by psychologists: provided that strangers had a joint meal, they subconsciously become closer to each other.

Are you just going for walks in squares and parks? Perfect option. You can calmly talk, admire the beauties of your city (even if it is small to disgrace, anyway, when you go with a person you like, everything changes). You will see how many have not noticed before. Here you are together, he looks at you with admiring eyes, but this is far from a victory. All magazines and psychologists are repeating to women that they need to listen to a man, and save their stories for later. The advice, in principle, is practical, but not entirely correct – if you keep silent and enthusiastically nod at the story about fishing, then this will be a defeat.

It is best to behave as follows:

  1. Know how to joke, diluting the stress of a date with jokes and funny remarks. Do not know how to joke? There are so many books with jokes that there will be no problems with this. Are you shy? Then you should not think that you are ready for a relationship. Work on yourself, and when you realize that the guys do not bite, then boldly go on a date.
  2. Do not forget that you are not the only one feeling constrained, so if you have awkward pauses, then it’s okay – that’s fine. Both of you need time to comprehend and understand what each of you said, what kind of reaction you provoked and what came out of it. In general, “scan” each other.
  3. Do not be afraid to talk about yourself. Even if you don’t have anything like this, like an interesting hobby, a funny dog ​​or an overweight hamster, don’t even think about lying. Do not embellish your leisure or your apartment, say everything as it is (you can live with it). And doesn’t matter if you have a date with single black women or a European man.
  4. Do not tell immediately about your shortcomings. Tell me a small part – that’s enough. Actually no one is perfect and we are all trying to improve (if a person does not do this, then he is degrading). Do not believe that you are perfect. For example, warn that you are a little quick-tempered, do not quite like this or that, but gently and unobtrusively. Try to fix this in yourself later. Imagine his surprise: he will expect a violent reaction from you, and with a sweet smile you will say a clever phrase.
  5. At the end of a date, do not try to pry out his opinion about you. It’s better to tell the first one what you think. Of course, in the correct form and without exaggeration. For example: “I really liked our walk, you are a very interesting conversationalist, I really want to see you again.” Manage to see in it something special, small, but dignity, and note this in a compliment. Be sure – the effect is wonderful.

He did not reciprocate? (Which is unlikely if you follow the advice and stay natural). Do not be upset. So, this is not your boyfriend, and with him you still would not have succeeded. Good luck on your first date!