Modern men

How often have you heard such phrases that men have recently become different? Whether or not they were transferred is a controversial question. But it is a fact that they have changed. So what are they like, modern men? Sexologists, psychologists, anthropologists, and sociologists have worked on this question and here are the conclusions. If you are looking for Portland singles or other men, you should analyze this information more carefully.

What you should know about modern men

  • They believe that they live harder than their predecessors. On the one hand, men have become more thoughtful, understanding and caring. However, on the other hand, they constantly need to remain true macho in order to be successful with women. Often, modern men have no one to focus on. After all, even their fathers, not to mention their grandfathers, lived in other times, and were quite different themselves.
  • They have a reduced sexual desire. Today, men are increasingly faced with the problem of low sexual desire. Some ten years ago, the problem of reduced libido was mainly a concern for women. Now it has touched many men as well. In addition, members of the stronger sex are subject to daily stress. If a man has problems at work, it is unlikely that sex will be enchanting.
  • They do not want a settled life. Quite often, modern men try as if to delay the moment of fatherhood. They are more focused on free relationships, and even if they are building serious long-term relationships, they are in no hurry to have children. Scientists have tried to explain such behavior of men. If a modern woman is looking for an educated man with a good job, excellent manners and, among other things, ready to be a husband, she does not have many options. It is easier for men in this respect – their field of choice is more extensive. If a man has all these qualities, he can also wait 5-10 years before starting his sedentary life. So if you are looking for dating in Miami, be prepared to move and other factors.
  • They want a woman to provide for their family. Modern men are not particularly concerned that a partner can earn more than they do. They would be quite satisfied with a model of relationship in which a woman provides for herself, and at the same time could additionally provide for his needs, including his. Now it is absolutely normal to buy (or rent) housing for general money or to take turns paying in a restaurant. Today’s men think on the principle: “it is better to cooperate and work together to achieve the intended goal.
  • They have learned to be friends with women. Men have learned not to consider (or consider, but less often) every more or less pretty woman as a sexual object. They have realized that friendship with the opposite sex is very important. After all, in such a relationship, you can get a tremendous amount of experience. Who, no matter who is the woman herself, will best tell about her kind?

Modern dating sites

One of the main advantages of the dating site is that a girl can become the initiator of dating, and she does not have to invent anything for this. On the site it is very simple – open your favorite form and choose from the list of Greetings what seems to be the most suitable for dating this man, click Submit. Many men also respond with standard Greetings first, trying to find out the level of interest in communication. Here it’s very important not to ignore these Greetings, as well as respond to them and go on to messages.

So you will have the opportunity to meet a modern man who is ready to be more attentive to your person. On the site you can immediately look for the person with whom you will enjoy spending time together.