The Principality of Andorra is the best for respectable investors

Those who love mountains and dream of finding a secluded place to rest or permanent residence surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, but not to lose in comfort and not to distract from civilization, should pay attention to the Principality of Andorra. Lost in the eastern Pyrenees, this amazing region represents the best opportunities for discerning investors. Andorra is a sovereign dwarf state. However, it has the legal status of “associated” with Spain and France. In other words, it has freely joined the two countries at once. Thus, the Principality can be considered part of both Spain and France. And this is not the only interesting fact associated with this region. You may also be interested in palma old town apartments for sale if you want to find luxury real estate near the sea.

Andorra – briefly about the main thing

What is famous for the Principality, besides its special geographical and political position? Today, this piece of civilization, lost at an altitude of over a thousand meters above sea level, is known primarily as one of the main rivals of the Alpine ski resorts. You can get to the Principality from the airport of Barcelona or Toulouse (France) by land transport. The travel time is 5-6h. Local airports allow wealthy guests to get to the Principality much faster by private air transport. Slightly complicated transport accessibility is perhaps the only drawback, which, however, can be called a virtue if you look at it from a different angle. In addition, in 2015 the airport, built in 10 minutes from the border of the Principality of Spain began its work. The flight time from Barcelona is half an hour.

With its own population of only about 85 thousand people, Andorra annually receives about 8-9 million tourists. They are attracted by the majestic mountain peaks overhanging the small cute towns, as if painted with a brush of some very creative and romantic artist, clean air, healthy climate, and, of course, duty-free trade. Many products here can be bought 25-40% cheaper than in Spain or France.

The atmosphere of Andorra is both chic and rustic simplicity, seclusion and rich social life, the most modern urban comfort in places where you do not expect to meet it. Once upon a time it all started with Catalan smugglers who wanted to settle “closer to the sky” and away from those who could damage the “work”.

The history of Andorra is incredibly rich and interesting. Architecture in each of the 7 towns amazes the imagination, the fairytale picture that opens up to the eye, and the unexpected combination of incongruous – high-tech buildings high in the mountains among the low cozy houses surprise. People here are open and seem to be happy – the standard of living is assessed by all kinds of ratings as incredibly high: crime is almost non-existent, the environmental situation is very favorable, medicine, education, infrastructure – at the highest level. And if you add to the above a number of special economic bonuses for those who dare to do business in Andorra or get their own home – the decision to look at this place is ripe for itself.

The letter of the law here, as in Spain, allows foreigners to do business and buy any home on an equal footing with locals, without limiting foreign businessmen in rights. Like natives of Andorra, investors from other countries pay when buying a home only 4% above property prices (2% – standard tax to the local municipality and the same amount – in favor of the government). There is no annual property tax, no inheritance or luxury tax. Until recently, the country did not even have income tax, but world officials threatened to blacklist the Principality “offshore” and local administrators had to give in. 

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